White Is The New Silver

White Fiskar Karma EVer

America’s New Favorite Paint Color

In a perfect world we’d all have our own uniquely colored car and driving down the street would be like indulging in a bag of skittles. Unfortunately, we American’s love to be monotonous. Face it, in 10 years we will probably all be driving a version of the Civic or Prius if they haven’t merged by then, and you better believe they’ll all be the same color. So now that white has taken over silver as America’s favorite car color, this detailer asks you, where has the color gone?

Detailing is about bringing out the best in your ride, making it pop, leaving an irresistible shine. But when examining the industry’s change over the past 30 years, a lot of it has to do with America’s taste in car colors. White and silver cars show less imperfections – it’s a fact. Buying a light colored car actually puts you ahead of the pack in terms of appearances, as it’s much harder to take care of dark paint than it is to care for white finishes. That said, the majority of American car owners should never underestimate the cleanliness and health of their vehicle’s finishes.

Just because your car is white, doesn’t mean you don’t have to wax. Although you won’t be able to see the beginning signs of neglect, you’ll sure notice it once your white paint starts to fade to a mucusy-yellow. Disgusting, I know, but it happens. While in many ways white paint puts you at an advantage, it also requires a level of responsibility. Keeping up with white paint is similar to darker colored cars, but since it’s tough to see what you’re fixing or polishing, it’s best to be proactive. By proactive I mean by protecting your vehicle from the environment. Wax seasonally and keep it clean.. trust me it pays off.

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