How To Care For Your Interior This Winter

Volkswagon Interior

When it comes to winter weather, our cars have a lot to endure. Whether it’s dry, cold air and salt in the northern states or damp, wet climates in the southern states, the environmental factors that our cars have to deal with can really do a number on our interiors. As winter problems arise and the going gets tough, there are certain things every car owner can and should do when winter rolls around.

  1. Leather Care during the winter months is key. The cooler air dries out leather surfaces and makes the finish brittle and rough. Conditioning not only solves this problem by delivering essential nutrients to the leather, but also acts as a protective barrier against excess moisture for those in the southern states.
  2. Carpet & Upholstery Protection puts any driver at an advantage in the winter months. This simple process offers protection against salt stains, excess moisture, and even spills. As the driver, you will experience a better winter by not having to clean as much, and you’ll notice your car looking great throughout the entire season.
  3. Conditioning Door Panels can really brighten up your day. As any driver knows, constantly getting in-and-out of the car leads to lovely scuff marks on the lower half of the door panels. Conditioning these areas helps to prevent ugly salt stains, darken the surface, and avoid discoloration due to adverse weather.
  4. Winterizing Locks and Hinges isn’t just for the northern states. Even in parts of central California and Texas temperatures during January can hit close to freezing overnight. For those in the northern states you know what a pain it can be when you have a 9AM meeting and you’re stuck in your driveway with an ice pick and hot water.
  5. Rubber Floor Mats don’t have to be purchased at Walmart or Amazon. Check your local convenience or grocery store and save yourself a lot of time shampooing your carpet mats come spring.
  6. ​Conditioning Door Seals is a little known secret that can put your car above the rest. For cars in extreme winters, a poor seal is what causes doors to freeze shut. By conditioning the rubber that makes a connection with the car’s body the door won’t freeze and it will protect against cracking due to dryness.

The best thing to keep in mind when it comes to keeping your car clean this winter is to be proactive. Protect your interior surfaces before damage occurs, and you wont have any problems! Keep in mind that the winter months are different for all of us, so as questions arise this season – ask Dr. Beasley’s or leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to help you out!