The Last (US) 308 Ever Built

Ferrari 308 GTS QV

A Look At Ferrari History

As we all know, all cars are not made equal. There are daily drivers and road warriors, there’s luxury and there’s racing… but a Ferrari is a Ferrari. I had the chance to spend some time with the last US Ferrari 308 GTS QV ever built in 1985, and its owner, Tim. These photos were taken in San Francisco during the Italian Heritage Festival last week, sponsored by the Ferrari Club of North America. I’ll be posting the rest of the pictures later this week, but for now, take a look at this one-of-a-kind Ferrari.

Click the images to enlarge them. Stay tuned for later in the week when I show you the other Ferraris from the show! Got something to say about the car? Drop us a line in the comments and spark up a conversation!

  • Bobs430

    Wow! I was at the Columbus Day event, too.. very cool car nice photos. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kevin

    So this is the famous VIN 59265? I thought it was owned by Edvar van Daalen of Deventer, Netherlands. Or is this VIN 59261? Let me know!!!

    • James @ Dr. Beasley’s


      I should have clarified a bit better in the article that this wasn’t a European market 308. I was informed that the 308 above (59147) was the last US 308. I fixed the title to clarify, and I hope that the documentation that the owner provided me was correct. Anything you can tell me about that VIN, or whether or not it is actually the last US 308, would be great! I’d hate to have misinformation on our site.


    • Edvar van Daalen

      Kevin, just to make it 100% clear for future readers: I have never owned 56265 or any other Ferrari 308. I don't know where you found this information (but I'm curious to hear about it), but I'm pretty sure I would know about it if I had owned that car 😉
      With best regards,
      Edvar van Daalen, Deventer, NL

      • Kevin

        Edvar, I looked for the FerrariChat post, but I can’t find it. It basically said something like, “…in an article I have the last 308 GTS…”
        This threw me off because I either missed a comma or the comma was missing. I’m sure you can see how it can be read differently based upon the placement of the comma. For example,
        “…in an article I have, the last 308 GTS…”
        is much different than,
        “…in an article, I have the last 308 GTS…”
        Again, it was an honest mistake and I didn’t mean to upset you or place you in a bad position.

  • Yes this is (supposedly correct) 59147 is the last North American 308 QV. the records I have show there approx 6 cars built after 59147 all being Swiss market cars


  • Tim Dermody

    Hi Edvar,
    I am the owner of the 308. The information that I found on this serial numbered car was from the BlackHawk Auto Museum in Danville, California. They have an automotive library in the museum with specific books and information from the Ferrari factory……which lists serial numbers of various Ferrari model runs. Part of the library has since been sold to the Nethercutt Auto Museum in Sylmar, California. You mentioned 2 serial numbers…..56265 and 59265. The information from Ferrari that they had showed the serial number for the US version stopped at 59147.
    I will go back and double check.

  • Kevin

    According to my records, the following are US models.
    59169, 59173, 59203, and 59251.

    BTW: Sorry, Edvar van Daalen. I misread a posting you made and thought you stated that you owned the car. My mistake.

  • Kevin

    As far as VIN 59265, this is the last Ferrari 308 according to Keith Bluemel’s “Original Ferrari V8” book. This car was speculated to have “never left Europe and reside in the private collections of some of the original executives/family members of either Pininfarina or Ferrari.” However, I also have a note that VIN 59273 may be the last per a post by Tommy Cosgrove in FChat where he stated, “59265 Is listed in Raab’s book as the last official 308. But there is chassis 59273. A LHD Swiss 308 QV specifically it is ZFFLA13S000059273.”

  • john wesley

    Nice pictures, but no pictures of the boot, the engine, the storage area for luggage, the area under the rear window or the inside of the car.

  • Linda Karagines

    I have knowledge of 59273. Can you give more information.

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