Never Buy A Steering Wheel Cover Again

Mercedes Steering Wheel Close Up

Eliminate Cracking, Fading, and Discoloration

After driving the same car for 3 or more years, you know how a leather or vinyl steering wheel looks when it’s been worn down. You can even see where the driver tends to place their hands, and sometimes even how hard they grasp the wheel if it’s in bad shape. The good news, however, is that there’s a preventative solution so that you’ll never have to buy a steering wheel wrap again. Here’s how simple it is…

​Clean Your Steering Wheel Properly

​When you clean your steering wheel, take into account what type of surface it is. Is it leather, is it vinyl? Choose the right interior cleanser for the specific type of surface, and make sure the quality is there. Extreme cleaning power isn’t always needed when cleaning interior surfaces, and more often than not, a gentle cleaner will do the job. After cleaning, be sure to neutralize the surface with a pH neutralizer before continuing with this process. By neutralizing you are successfully removing excess residues from the surface that will improve the effectiveness of the next step…

​Conditioning Your Steering Wheel

This process starts with science. A porous surface, such as leather or vinyl, needs nutrients to keep its elasticity and luster because of the damage these surfaces receive from skin oils, UV rays, and temperature change. By conditioning, you’re not only bringing life back to your steering wheel, but you’re protecting it too. There’s no other way to improve and keep the quality condition of your steering wheel, and you’ll save yourself plenty in replacement costs and refinishing services.

Let’s face it, this is one part of your car that you touch almost ever single day. You might not jump into the trunk or grab a pen out of the center console, but one thing’s for sure; if you’re driving your car, you’re touching your steering wheel. This extra attention means steering wheel finishes (leather and vinyl) degrade over time, and need to be cleaned, prepped, and protected so they last as long as your car does. Completing this process 4 times a year will eliminate your worry and put you ahead of the pack (who will soon by in line at Walmart for a steering wheel cover).

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  • Great article. More professionals and consumers could benefit from this information. Even if it just to understand the nature of the surface they are cleaning or the importance of ph balance.