Mercedes Making Matte More Mainstream

Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series

2013 Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series

The marriage of super car and matte paint has left millions of car enthusiasts drooling over exclusive leaked photos and the lavish dream of owning one of these cars. 2013, or so it seems, is already ringing the bell to invite a whole new breed of matte luxury to the marketplace. With the paring of one of 2011’s most magnificent cars, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, and Mercedes’ iconic “Designo Magno” paint (the first offering of matte paint as a factory option on production vehicles), things are shaping up to get pretty heated…

You hear about the Lambos and the custom matte painted Ferraris, but what you don’t see – yet – is a luxury brand trying to get these unique finishes on the road. Mercedes took it upon themselves to blow us all out of the water; and they nailed it. Finally, more consumers will have the option to ride around town without a shine, and still get all the looks. That Mercedes will soon be offering this option is big for consumers of more mainstream cars…given the average price of a Mercedes is 40% of what it takes to reel in a stock Lamborghini Gallardo.

My personal feeling is that within 5 years we will see the number of matte cars, and even matte car offerings, nearly double. Consumers now have the matte paint care products they need to properly clean and protect their finish, and as the cars themselves branch out into various markets – Toyota, Lexus, Scion, and Audi have all been rumored to be testing or researching factory matte options, I think you’ll start noticing a bit less glare on the road. Take a look at the next best Mercedes they plan to roll out next:

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And just incase you want to melt your mind with the sound this car produces, check this video out: