A Simple Way To Better Your Car Wash

Car Wash Foamer

While there are plenty of “car wash secrets” floating around the web, there is no clear go-to solution to bettering your car wash. Of course proper wash procedure is where to start, but once you’ve mastered that, then what? Although this tip really isn’t a secret, and professionals have been utilizing the advantages of it for years, it comes down to one thing – foam.

You can try to get the suds to pour out of your wash pad, but let’s get serious – how often does that work as well as you’d like it to? I’m guessing not that often. There’s a problem with the soap-in-bucket technique and it’s costing you money; there’s not enough foam. You can keep adding car wash soap to the bucket and mixing it around to get the lather you desire, or you can get the thick layer of foam you want (and your car deserves) with a foamer and limit the amount of soap you use. Here’s why…

The Benefits of Foam

As you may know, foam itself works to help clean and lift dirt particles from your car. This not only helps to create a safer car wash, but makes the wash process easier on you, too. The suds and squeeze technique – as I like to call it – simply doesn’t allow enough foam to cover the entire car… therefore weakening the effectiveness of the soap you’re using. With a foamer, however, you need only about 2 oz. of car wash soap in the chamber, and from there the compression of water, soap and air provides a thick stream of soft foam to cover the car. You will notice immediately that cleaning the car with the mits gets easier, as they glide more smoothly across the surface – this less abrasive advantage is great for your paint, too.

The foam itself is still working hard. Because you can cover the entire car in just a few sprays, the foamer allows you to basically “pre-wash” your car and clean those tiny places you wouldn’t even think existed (cracks, crevices, trim pieces). Nonetheless, the end results is a deeper, more effective car wash that leaves your car spotless down to the microscopic level. This one simple addition to your car wash routine can really make your car stand out, so what are you waiting for? Car foamers make great gifts for the car fanatic in your family and are an excellent way to impress anyone who washes their car at home!

  • Agreed.

    James certainly makes some valid points above regarding the use of a foamer. Much of the car washing process is a mental game for people; the more water and soap they use, the cleaner their car must be getting. Using a foamer will certainly add to this psychological effect of power of suggestion with the creation of so much in the way of foam and suds. If a foamer is not an option for you though, I simply add my choice in a quality car wash soap when I am undertaking the car washing duties.