Mid-Storage Paint Care

OSCA 600 in Storage

As storage season has quickly swept across the united states, a lot of us have had to put away our babies until spring. For some of you that’s a motorcycle, maybe a vintage Camaro, and perhaps there are even a few Ferrari owners out there getting ready to pack-it-in. As a resource for anyone storing a car, we’ve covered tips on how to prep your vehicle for storage, but here I’ll share how to make sure your paint is protected properly all the way through till spring…


Whenever you store your car, be prepared to keep an eye on it periodically during its hibernation. Say you’re putting your wheels away November through March (varies by location); during that 5 month storage period, you should plan on checking on your car at least twice. As you probably know, whether your garage is air conditioned or not, dust is going to accumulate on your car one way or another. Unfortunately, while your car is hiding under that vinyl cover you bought, that dust builds up between the canvas and the car’s finish, presenting the possibility of minor abrasions. Now I’m not saying you will absolutely get scratches or blemishes by covering up your car; I’m just saying that over time dust will build up and you’d be better off spending 20 minutes to eradicate the potential problem about every other month while your car is in storage. It’s easy, too…

Tip: While examining your car’s paintwork, double check for signs of rodents around your car, as these critters can prove to be costly after chewing through your wiring system. Also, while storage for your car usually means storage for “summer stuff,” too, always keep an eye open to make sure nobody mistakenly puts something (box, bag, etc.) on top of your car – even with the cover, the added weight can cause scratching.


In most cases, you won’t be able to just up and wash the car in the middle of the car’s stint in storage, but there’s a solution. Detail Spray. (Warning: do not mistake detailing sprays with “waterless car wash” products. I recommend avoiding any “waterless” wash product.) A detail spray is basically an all-around touch up spray for your paint finish, and even adds a layer of protection to the treated section of the car. A premium detail spray will easily remove fingerprints, dust, smudges, and light blemishes with just a few sprays. Make sure you use a plush microfiber towel when dealing with your paint to help avoid any abrasive action. Once you’ve hit spots that you feel have accumulated excess dust or might have had some agitation from the car cover, you’re good to pack up your things and head back inside. It’s really that simple, and your car will look 10x better come spring, no question.

Take my word for it, whenever storing your “garage” car for the off season, always remember to keep an eye on it. Even if it’s just 3 months, that’s a long time without any air to let the car breath, and trust me… there’ll be quite a bit of dust under the cover even after two weeks. Stay ahead of the pack and keep your finish fresh even when your car’s not on the road with this simple storage tip – and let us know how it worked out come spring!