Black Friday Car Care Product Sale!

Black Friday Car Car Products

15% OFF plus a Free Gift!

Yes, I suppose it is that time of year, and while I know you’ll be perusing the internet to find gifts for your “car people,” here’s something you’d probably like to know. In an effort to give you a little peace of mind during the hectic retail season, all of our bottled car care products (and detailing kits) will be 15% off as part of our Black Friday Discount which will end November 28th. I, myself, hate dealing with the lines and headaches that surround shopping this time of year, so if you’re like me hopefully the sale can help.

In addition to the already and always Free Shipping, we’ll be tossing in a free accessory on all shipments (randomly chosen between a wash mitt, microfiber suede cloths, and more detailing accessories). While your out on the web, check out the sale… chances are you’ll find a great gift to pick up, and you can save on something you’ve had your eye on for your own car, too.