Before You Polish Your Chrome

Black Rolls Royce Silver Spur II

What Chrome Polish Can and Can’t Remedy

Whether your idea of a classic car is american muscle or european luxury, you’re no stranger to chrome. To some it’s flashy, to others it completes the look of their car – I’m not one to judge, but one things for sure.. owning a decked out car means polishing some chrome. Before you jump right into the polish procedure, you best know what a quality chrome polish can and cannot do. Some may promise the world, but if you’re looking to quality, it’s best to know in advance what can be achieved by polishing chrome…

    • Surface Rust. Light rust that may occur during winter or in damp climates can be irradiated if gotten to somewhat quickly. Unfortunately, many car owners think polishing their chrome can cure a badly rusted wheel. This simply isn’t the case; once rust has eaten through enough of the metal, there’s no going back without repainting/refinishing.


    • Staining. Often times in areas with seasonal climates, chrome wheels are hit with all sorts of environmental forces (snow, rain, etc.). This, combined with brake dust and dirt leads to a deadly corrosive annoyance to your wheels and can scar up any chrome finish in no time. Luckily you can protect from this with a wheel sealant, but if you’re too late, it’s best to get to the issue as soon as possible.


    • Scuffing and Light Scratches. As any “polish”, a good chrome polish should be able to reverse any minor abrasions with relative ease whether they’re on a door handle, a side mirror, or your newly purchased low rider rims. Light scuffs that occur from time to time from rocks, mud and more, should never be an issue. If you’re in a special case where a scratch or scrape is more than a minor issue, repair will be needed.


Aside from understanding what chrome polish can and can’t do, it’s absolutely intrinsic that your wheel detail is complete with everything from proper scrubbing technique to proper wheel protection (READ: How To Properly Detail Your Wheels). In no way should a wheel detail be bottled up into one product; it’s a process that enhances appearances and can keep them shining for years and years to come if you do it regularly. Have a success story? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!