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When it comes to detailing, you may picture a few guys in a garage with a bag of shammies, a bunch of product, and a polishing machine. This is a bit of an ancient perception of detailers and, more often than not, a good description of a body shop. Anyway, the detailing community has stepped up its game – this time thanks to none other than the International Detailing Association (IDA). Professional detailers can now be tested and certified based on their detailing knowledge and their understanding of how to properly care for an automobile’s numerous surfaces…

When the IDA decided to create this certification program, their goal was to differentiate the way professionally-run detailing shops do business. This not only gives the customer added confidence knowing their car is in good hands, but allows the detailer to stand out of the crowd and be known for their quality work. Of the program’s launch, IDA President Keith Duplessie said, “The Certified Detailer Program is the first, independent program of its kind. It is a cooperative effort led by industry leading manufacturers and professionals. And unlike many other programs, it is process specific not product specific.” What this basically means is that the IDA, with help from professional detailers across the world, has created an assessment that can accurately measure detailing knowledge.

Personally, I am in awe. I think something like this should’ve been done years ago, and now that it’s here, we all will benefit. Now that non-members can test or brush up their skills for $400, and detailers who are members of the IDA can get certified for just $200 (if they pass), I can’t see a better way of weeding through the untrustworthy shops than to make sure they’re certified. We at Dr. Beasley’s are car product manufactures as you know, and are in full support of the IDA’s certification program. Our President, Jim, was the first Certified Detailer in the entire network and is currently the association’s Vice President of Operations, and as a company we strive to produce only the best, most scientifically advanced detailing products for enthusiasts and detailers everywhere.

The biggest change I think we’ll see in the industry is increased trust between consumer and detailer/manufacturer – and believe me it is needed dearly. The whole idea here is to benefit the car being worked on, whether in a garage or in a shop, and for the first time consumers have the option of sticking with IDA Certified Detailers for the information, products, and detailing services. This means no more shoddy details, no more weak products, and no more mistakes made by the at-home detailer due to improper detailing knowledge given to them by an unqualified, uncertified detailer.

Read more about the certification program and spread the word! Cars everywhere will be thanking you!

  • Erik

    I honestly did not know that there were detailing certification that one can have, and I agree that a certification will help boost customer confidence on the detailer. I bet the certification will help boost my sales.

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