Four Door Supercar Drag Race

While we do love detailing cars, documenting details, and admiring lustrous finishes, it’s always great to see how these cars perform on the road. This time we’ve got a drag race including 4 of the most hyped and most powerful four door supercars on the market: the Mercedes E63, BMW M5, Jaguar XFR, and Porsche’s try at a family saloon, the Panamera S. The only thing more wonderful than watching these guys race has to be the rivalry [at least 3 of] these cars have with each other. We’ve heard of German engineering and we know their ability to manufacture precision and power is unmatched, so it’s not a surprise to see the BMW and Mercedes finish first and second. You would, however, think the Porsche could squash the Jag, right? Wrong. See for yourself… and lets just hope whoever detailed these cars prepared them against hot road tar before the race or else things are about to get sticky ;):