The Gifts Your Car Wants

For years I’ve been wondering if there are people out there who buy gifts for their cars. As a kid we got gifts for the dogs, and I’ve seen people give gifts to “the house,” but I got to wondering why not the cars. Plenty of you car enthusiasts come home to a hidden beauty in your garage, and while for many of you that’s a modern sports car, for some it’s a vintage classic. Who’s to say they shouldn’t get a gift too this holiday season?

Of course this notion is based on the premise that you love your car, and if you love your car, you’d listen to it before grabbing a random gift off the shelf. Much like a significant other, if the gift isn’t up to par they’ll let it be known. There is, however, one failsafe way to be sure you’ve got the perfect gift. Take a quick scan of the car, see what it needs, and you’ve got your answer. Cars are realistic come the holidays, they don’t necessarily need to be swept off of their feet, but rather nourished and cared for. A little attention is all he, or she, is asking for.

Quick Gift Ideas for Your Car

  • Leather Cream is an underestimated gift that can really leave your car smiling. Lots of times owners neglect to realize the importance of using a leather conditioner until it’s too late. Show your car you really care.
  • Microfiber Towels are a great way to show your car that you like going the extra mile. If your car could talk it’d be screaming as you used a cotton towel, or worse, a shammy on its delicate paint.
  • A Plastic Sealant is another overshadowed gift due it to its lackluster use, but believe me, you don’t know until you try it. All that faded black trim around your windows and fenders needs to be fed and you’ll agree if you take a closer look. It’s like medicine for exterior plastic.
  • A Detail Kit is really the way to get back into the arms of your car. Grabbing a prescription detailing kit (with everything included) is the easiest way to guarantee you and your car get some much needed alone time.
  • A High Quality Wax is like buying your car diamonds. It can takes years off of its appearance and leave others drooling over what is inevitably yours. Never be afraid to take the easy way out when shopping for your car… they’ll love you for it.
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    Many car owners don’t treat the leather, because they think that if the car is new, the leather don’t damage, but if the leather is not treated, will crack and then it’s more expensive to repair it than to treat it from time to time.