Length of Car Ownership at All Time High

Length of Car Ownership at All Time High

Detailing and Paint Protection as Important as Ever

Call it the economy or call it common sense, but the length of U.S. car ownership has hit a record high. Up 14% from the end of 2008, new car owners are keeping their car for an average of 63.9 months, or a little over 5 years. So what does this mean for you, the car owner? It means detailing and car care shouldn’t be overlooked, and here’s why…

Unlike a lease, when you own your car, it’s on you if your car starts to look like trash in a few years. Daily decisions such as which car wash to go to or whether or not to wax this season can prove detrimental overtime if you make the wrong choices. That said, not every car owner makes his or her own decisions when detailing their car – in fact, the majority will barely get a car wash every month. As length of ownership increases, you’d better believe that the number of cosmetically unhealthy cars on the road is going up too. There’s a real disconnect here, especially when resale values seem to be just as volatile as the stock market. Simple choices in your weekly or monthly routine can lead to even longer ownership, and higher resale values because of your commitment to and understanding of proper car care.

Initiate the Change for You and Your Car

It’s not hard to get started, especially if you’re hanging around Behind the Detail. The best way to get into it and motivated is to read up and utilize our wealth of knowledge to your car’s benefit. At the beginning, the products aren’t necessarily as important as the conceptual understanding of how detailing improves the overall health of your vehicle. Other than reading up and increasing your detailing IQ, here are three quick ways to jump into car care that will help you keep your car gleaming until the day you both part ways…

  1. Start Washing Your Car By Hand. If you have the added luxury of a garage and driveway, there’s really no reason to go to the car wash. If you cant wash at home, check reviews and find yourself a reputable hand wash that has a track record for providing quality results. READ: How to properly wash and dry your car.
  2. Start Waxing Every 3-4 Months. Your Wal-Mart obtained wax isn’t going to last even two months, trust me. Grab a quality carnauba wax and create a routine that allows you to spend an hour each season sealing in your car’s paint. This is will provide protection from the elements, and a shine that’s envied by all the neighbors. If you want to go the extra mile, add a paint sealant to your waxing routine.
  3. Protect Everything. A common car care mistake is protecting only your car’s paint. Don’t forget about the windows, wheels, leather, plastic, vinyl, rubber, and carpeting. Protection is the #1 way to keep your car looking great until the day you either sell it, store it, or scrap it.

Let it be known, the world of car ownership is changing. There’s no excuse for neglect, and there’s certainly no reason to have your car look like garbage when you go to trade it in. It’s so easy, once you know the basics, to prolong the beauty and lustre of your car for many, many years that I have to ask… What are you waiting for?