Top 5 Tips for Better Car Care in 2012

Silver Mercedes AMG

As we begin the new year, it seems standard to provide some sort of recollection on the past year’s events. Fortunately I don’t like standards, so I’m going to jump into something that will really help your resolution to keep your car spotless – the top 5 tips for better car care. Whether you’re just starting to care for your car or you’ve been doing it for years, these tips will help you get a head start this year and are a great way to instantly notice results from your detailing efforts. Check them out…

  1. Start the new year off with a fresh application of paint sealant. Never underestimate the protection your paint really needs, especially if you experience a range of weather conditions. Polymer sealants last almost twice as long as carnauba would and will make for a great kick-off to 2012.
  2. Wash bi-weekly or more. It may sound like a lot, but you’ll notice a difference overtime. Higher trade in values and longer lasting paintwork are just two of the many benefits of a regular car wash routine. Knowing best car wash techniques will also help!
  3. Switch to a hand wash. If you wash your ride at home you’re ahead of the game, but for those who go to the speed shine attached to the gas station – I urge you to reconsider the effects of automatic washes.
  4. Treat your interior surfaces with conditioning products. Whether it be leather, vinyl or plastic, these surfaces need nutrients and are often overlooked. Conditioning them will add both life and luster to your car’s interior.
  5. Go green by committing to renewable resources, conserving water, and preserving our environment. Simple choices in the way you shop for car care products can make a difference, and we’re here to help with reusable packaging, recycleable materials, and green car cleaning products.

So now that you’re ready to shine in 2012, what’s your plan? Let us know if you’ve got goals for restoring or improving the appearance of your car, as we’d love to feature it in a blog post! May you and your car have a Happy New Year from all of us at Dr. Beasley’s!

  • Detailing Blog

    Great article. Bi-weekly wash will damage the paint in time?

    • As long as you are waxing regularly, a gently hand wash won’t damage the paint over time. I’ve seen a pair of Land Rovers get washed every day for about 2 years and they’re still shining bright because they were waxed often. It’s all about protection, so if you’re cleaning an unprotected surface frequently, yes you may be causing minor abrasions if you’re scrubbing harder than suggested. The best way to avoid this is to remember to wax regularly, at the very least once a season… then you should have nothing to worry about.

      – James @ Dr. Beasley’s

  • Matt

    Great article! I’m purchasing a e350 Benz this week with Matte paint (which I already received my matte products from you!) and was just wondering how often would you suggest cleaning/conditioning the leather seats?

    • Matt,

      Awesome to hear about your Mercedes… We’d love to see pictures when you’re done detailing it! As for the leather seats we typically recommend cleaning as needed and conditioning once every 3-4 months. However, in most cases, the driver’s seat and steering wheel tend to need a bit more attention. To keep these surfaces in the best condition possible I’d recommend cleaning and applying conditioner once every 2 months. Since you car will be new it won’t be too much of an issue for a while, but as you may know from reading my posts it’s much better to prevent a problem than it is to fix one down the road. You should be fine with applying once every season, but if you notice the driver’s seat is losing its luster a bit, you know you’ll have to do it a bit more frequently.

      Anyway, hope that helps and congratulations on the new ride!

      – James @ Dr. Beasley’s

  • Brian

    Thanks Dr. Beasley!

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