Solving the Bird $#!& Problem

Aside from the hilarious antics in this video that will undoubtedly get PETA’s attention, there’s a much easier way to safely and effectively remove bird droppings from your car’s paint. We all know the effects – discoloration, etching, clear coat damage – but what most people don’t know is how easy it is to prevent and remedy the situation. First off, if you wax your car regularly cleaning wont be an issue. The layer of protection acts as a safety net between the gift from above and your car’s paintwork, thus preventing any unnecessary damage. Secondly, always carry a detail spray and microfiber cloth in your car. As soon as you notice the splat, whip out your tools and safely take care of the issue in seconds.

It really is that simple… and you don’t need to install a hydraulic hood to help you out.