Easily Increase Visibility When Driving

Rain on Porsche Back Windshield

Whether winter for you means rain or snow, you know how much of a pain it is to watch your windshield get pummeled by poor conditions. You hate the smearing, the splotchiness, and most importantly the obstructed view… so what can you do to relieve the pressure? Simple. Protect your glass!

As far as driving visibility goes, you can never be too careful. I can recall numerous times driving up to Wisconsin as a kid where we literally had to pull over because of whiteout conditions. Accidents happen when people either shouldn’t be driving or somebody makes a mistake, and most of the time it’s due to lack of seeing your surroundings. The danger is there and you don’t need me to preach safety to you, so what I hope to do is make your life easier by showing you how simple it is to see clearer on the road no matter the conditions.

The secret is Glass IQ. Truth is, there are plenty of glass protectants on the market, but ours is a little different when it comes to clarity. During formulation we made it a priority to eliminate any chemical residue and, while making the product as green as possible, improve its bonding ability. While the competing glass protection products typically last no longer than a few months, the advanced technology in Glass IQ allows it to remain effective for 5-6 months. The end result was a 100% VOC free glass protectant that when applied regularly will shield your car’s glass from rain, sleet, snow, bird droppings, and whatever else mother nature throws at you. What this means for you is better sight on the road, less interruptions, more confidence, and a safer ride… not to mention you won’t ever have to use those gas station squeegees again.

Often the biggest question with protection products is in relation to frequency. How regularly should I protect my car’s glass? Is there a proper schedule for sealing my windshield? The answer isn’t as exact as people would like, but in my experience (with many glass sealants), it puts you at a greater advantage to apply once every season (although you don’t have to as frequently with Glass IQ. This will allow for a constant barrier on your glass, which as you may know is highly susceptible to rock chips and all sorts of environmental catastrophes. I’ll tell you what I tell everyone who inquires about protecting glass – as long as you keep it regular, you will have nothing to worry about. What I mean is I don’t care if you’re applying monthly or even seasonally, but as long as you’re keeping it fresh in your mind you’re already a step ahead of everyone else.

Do yourself, your car, and your safety a favor – protect your glass.