How to Detail a Matte Car

You’ve seen how to protect a matte car, but it’s about time you learned how to treat the entire exterior, right? Well here it is… How to detail a matte car. Let us know what you think!

  • Georgio Marconis

    Awesome, guys. Thanks for the help! I’ll be ordering soon. Do you know whether or not matte decals can be protected the same way? A customer has a new Camaro with hood accents in matte… I want to offer him the proper protection without waxing the delicate surface. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

    • Georgio,

      You’re very welcome, glad you found us! To answer your question, all of our matte products are perfectly safe (and very effective) on matte decals and vinyl wraps as well. The hood accents on that Camaro will come out beautifully with our matte paint line. Let me know if I can help you with anything else.

      -Andrew @ Dr. Beasley’s

      • william

        what exactly makes your products so good? N ot to sound like a jerk,but thats a lot of money and those bottles look pretty small,how long does it last? I had my 91 camaro painted matte today I want to buy something to protect it just wondering how much im getting for that price .I live in minnesota so i can only drive it in the summer. thanks for your time.

        • William,

          I appreciate your interest and intrigue in our matte products. To answer your questions, the bottles are meant to last a long time. The 4oz. Matte Paint Sealant will give you 4 applications of 6-9 month protection – technically enough for 2 years (depending on weather conditions, washing habits, etc.). As for Matte Body Wash, your usage depends on your washing habits as well as the weather in your area. One bottle should last 5-8 car washes – obviously you can extend this by conserving water in your car washes (only fill the bucket up 1/2 way and use less soap). Matte Final Finish and Matte Paint Cleanser will last very long since you only use those when you need them.

          I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any other questions.

          – James

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  • Reony

    Hello! Great product you guys have made. I’m looking forward to possibly buying the new Veloster Turbo, with the matte paint. I’m just not sure yet…
    So would I always have to wash by hand? Sometimes it is too hot, or freezing in the winter (DC). Would it be fine to take the car to a car wash, as long as there’s no wax being used?

    • Reony,

      I’d be happy to help, and that’s great to hear – the Veloster Turbo looks to be a great car. It’s been said they have invested a lot of time and effort into developing their factory matte finish option. I’m excited to see them out on the road.

      As for your question, you don’t necessarily have to wash it by hand. We certainly recommend it, simply because nobody is going to care for your car’s paint as well as you would by hand. At the same time, it’s important to regularly protect the matte finish with Matte Paint Sealant, as a sealed surface won’t need cleaning as often due to added resilience against dust and debris (depending on driving habits and weather). That said, if you find a reputable detail shop in your area, there is a good chance they would be open to using our matte products on your car if you asked. One thing you should never do with a matte car is go to an automatic car wash, even the “touch-less” washes. These washes contain harsh chemicals that aren’t good for any paint surface, especially matte.

      When all’s said and done, if washing the car by hand isn’t an option, I would find a professional detailer who you can trust with your car. Ask them if they’re open to using Matte Body Wash and washing your car with clean mits and microfiber towels (remember, you can’t polish matte… scratches require touchup paint and that’s never fun). If you or they eventually run into questions, we’re always here to help!

      In the meantime, stay tuned on the blog as we’re constantly posting new content specifically addressing matte paint care. We’ll make sure that if you do get the new Veloster, you’ll know how to take care of it the best way possible. Keep in touch!

      – James @ Dr. Beasley’s

  • BIll Smith

    how can you tell if it is a mattle paint job or not? what are the basic vehicles that has this paint jobs?

    • Bill,

      Just check out some of our pictures. A matte car will have no reflection other than a light sheen. Unlike a normal car, you will be able to look directly over the paint without seeing your reflection. Currently matte cars are usually super cars – Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Bentleys, Mercedes, etc. We’re now seeing factory options from Hyundai, Chrysler (soon), and more. Because matte wraps are accessible for a fraction of the price, any car on the market can be converted into a “matte” car.

      Hope this helps!

      – James

      • BIll Smith

        it helps some but know you say mattle wraps i tried to look them up and it looks like a mattle wrap is the same as a clear bra?? can you tell me the difference between the paint and wrap and what the wrap can protect ex bugs and rock chips. there is very little information about this that i can find they seem they just want to sell it to you im just a small business bordering Fort Hood TX so we have all kinds of vehicles and i take pride in knowing about the porduct to specialize in taking care of todays vehicles. while other shops go the same old way i make sure i have quality products to take care of their needs so if my questions seem weird just finding out information to help my customers

        • You’re exactly correct. A matte wrap is basically a no-shine clear bra designed to spread light when it reflects off of the surface. Basically the wrap can do these two things: turn a glossy car matte, and protect the paintwork from rock chips and major scratches. The wrap itself can be scratched, damaged, faded, or even lose its flat look overtime if not properly cared for.

          As you may or may not know, wraps and clear bra type materials aren’t immune to the environment. So while they do a great job of protecting the paint, they need to be protected, too. All of our products were formulated and designed to provide quality results on matte paint jobs as well as matte wraps.

          P.S. Your questions are not weird.. they’re welcome anytime. Hope this helps!

          – James

  • Mathew Rux @ custom car cover

    Useful video! I have a matte finish on my vehicle and this is definitely helpful advice. Thanks!

  • JRJalapeno

    Can you get away with washing once a month with a matte finish?

    • Washing once a month should work well. Just make sure you remove potentially harmful contaminants like bird droppings and insect remains in a timely manner between washes and you’re fine washing once a month.