Left to Die

Abandoned Ferrari in Dubai

Usually when you see a car that’s been forgotten about on some farm it’s a Buick, a Gremlin, or maybe even an old Volvo. One thing’s for sure, you never expect it to be a Ferrari – even if it’s not one of the most favored Italian stallions. This 1980 Mondial 8 wasn’t just deserted in some old farm shed either, it was found in Dubai outside of a housing development. Now, you don’t see many Ferraris in this kind of condition, but when you do.. it kind of brings a tear to your eye.

As much as this car is in need of a detail, it’s almost more desperate for a friendly mechanic. Or maybe just a friend at this point. You’d need a whole team to mount a comeback for this Mondial, so much so that it’s probably not worth it. The clean up alone would take a few days, not to mention restoring the paintwork, interior, and replacing the glass. One thing’s for sure, it’s still a Ferrari – and while natural selection is a bitch, I’m sure glad Ferrari has moved on…
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