Hyundai Adds Matte Paint Option

There’s been a breakthrough in the matte game once again. This time, it’s not a supercar or luxury line from Italy offering matte paint as a standard option… it’s Hyundai (like Sunday). You may be thinking big deal, but you should be thinking oh, boy. As a passerby you’re lucky if you happen to catch a glimpse of a matte F430 and you’re certainly one of the few if you catch sight of a matte R8, but with Hyundai’s launch of factory matte paint you’re about to see a lot more matte cars in your neighborhood.

The difference between matte and gloss paint jobs is simply in its appearance and texture. Glossy finishes will reflect light directly, allowing you to see reflections and a shine while matte uses finely placed dimples in the clear coat to nullify any chance of reflection. This is why you see no shine. With this unique clear coat layer, non-traditional car care products are needed for protecting and caring for the finish. Traditional car wash soaps and waxes use fillers and shining agents – with matte, this is a no-go unless you want a greasy, splotchy finish. For this reason alone we developed, formulated, and released a premium line of matte paint care products that have been tested on all sorts of matte finishes, most exclusively a matte Mercedes C63 AMG.

While Hyundai is releasing their matte finish on the new Veloster Turbo, I think we’ll see them roll it out for each of their affordable yet stylishly appealing cars. The craze is definitely in full-swing, and Hyundai is just the first of the sensible car makers to jump aboard. Still waiting on Ford, Chevy, and mostly Jeep to catch whiff so that we can start seeing more people on the road with cars worth looking at. Put it this way, the Gremlin (remember those?) is one UGLY car… but if I saw one in matte, I’d probably have to stop to take a look at it – not because it’s good looking, but just because of the unique stealthy look of its paint job. Surely you agree. I guess we’ll see what happens next in the matte paint work, but mark my words… it’s only a matte(r) of time until every car brand offers flat finishes straight from their factories.