Exhaust Cleaning Tips

Blue Spyker C8 Exhaust Tip

Although largely unseen, one of the dirtiest parts of your car are the exhaust tips. Although exhaust tips are usually chrome, aluminum or some variation of reflective metal, the combination of exhaust, heat, and environment can do a lot of cosmetic damage. On such surfaces as aluminum, strong cleaners are not recommended and can damage the somewhat porous metal’s finish. Etching is also fairly common and, if not taken care of, rust is highly probable due to the level of beating your exhaust takes. And I know you’ve seen those charred up exhausts that are similar in color to a penny… that’s from overheating and a lack of cleaning. Not to worry – in order to keep them clean and intact, just follow these quick tips for keeping your exhaust tips clean and shining…

  • First thing’s first… NEVER wash, clean, or touch your exhaust until you’ve allowed the metal to cool off.
  • When washing your car, be sure to give your exhaust tips a nice scrub. Regularly incorporating this into your car wash routine is the easiest way to keep them clean. Always use a different mitt/brush than you use on your paint.
  • Polish the exhaust regularly to keep the shine consistent and free of water deposits.
  • If your exhaust tips look cloudy, try some glass cleaner. If that doesn’t clear it up, bust of the metal polish.
  • An SOS pad or steel wool pad will easily clean up the insides of your exhaust which are usually charred and not so fun to clean.

Don’t think of your exhaust tips as a simply mechanical component of your car. They’re accessories and when they look bad, so does your car. Simply keep these four tips in mind when you’re thinking about a car wash and you’ll be good to go. If you’ve got any questions regarding specific issues with exhaust cleaning, please let us know in the comments!