A Roofless Racer? The Lamborghini Aventador J

Lamborghini Aventador J

Why yes, you read correct. A supercar with no roof, no pillars, no windscreen. These are, of course, the rumored images of Lamborghini’s more dangerous and recently announced Aventador J – as posted by Autoforum.cz – and, according to Jalopnik’s article, they were rumored to be accurate. Now of course we know, this beast is for real.

This mind-boggling concept would redefine what a supercar is, especially if there really is no windshield or roof – both obvious firsts for Lambo (or any street-legal car manufacturer for that matter – outside of the Ariel Atom and a few Zondas maybe). But how would you wash it? Carefully of course, but still… you wouldn’t want to damage that $40,000 hand-stitched interior. Hey, maybe Lamborghini will send us one and we can try it out. Unfortunately, I must still be dreaming.

That said, welcome to the world, Aventador J.