Breaking Down The Automatic Car Wash

Okay, so first things first – breaking down an automatic car wash is extremely simple. It’s a machine full of twirling brushes, spitting foam, pressurized water, rollers to move the car forward (and damage your rims), and a giant blowdryer to top it all off. Sounds terrible. But to make it a bit more real.. take a peak at this video as I go over some of the obvious flaws in automatic car washes…

The main point to bring up here is the brushes. Those speedy devils move so fast and have touched so many dirty cars that clearly you must see how disturbingly dangerous the bristles really are. As the “spaghetti noodles” drag across the hood (taking tiny rocks and debris with them…) and the twirling cylinders attack the sides of your car, think about your paint. Do you think the porous paint and clear coat want to take a beating like that?

And don’t get me started on spiderwebbing and holograms. I know you’ve seen the cars that look like someone dragged needles across the finish… this is 100% due to those high-speed brushes churning into your car’s pretty little clear coat. The tiny fractures and scratches put in reflect light asymmetrically, thus appearing broken or spiderweb-y.

So bottom line? Take your car into your own hands. Your car should always be handled by hand to ensure a perfect finish… and certainly not by some machine! Got a horror story? Let us know in the comments!