Matte Motorcycle Paint Care

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Red and Black Matte Motorcycle

Attention motorcyclists and bikers everywhere – matte motorcycle paint care is coming to a car care website near you. You may have considered matte paint care in the past and thought all that product was more than you needed – you were right. We have adapted our matte paint detailing kit to better compliment the fact that product portions and detailing techniques are completely different between cars and motorcycles. Motorcycles are a bit more efficient in just about every category simply due to their size. For example, the precise amount of matte paint used to cover a new Lamborghini far surpasses that needed for a motorcycle’s gas tank and/or farings. This kit follows suit.

So what’s the big deal? Well we’ve designed a more efficient matte paint kit specifically for motorcycle use. Everything from wash to protection will be included, along with (optional) accessories to help you keep your matte motorcycle spotless for months on end. And Matte Paint Sealant? The bottle included will give you enough protection to seal your paint for 1-2 years. And even better…you’ll have the confidence of knowing thousands of matte painted vehicles before you have tested and loved our matte paint prescriptions. Check back in with us soon for the release of our Matte Motorcycle Prescription. In the meantime, check out our facebook and keep in touch.

Matte Ducati Paint Care Kit