4 Tips to Shine at the Car Show

Car Show Lineup

It’s car season again, and that usually means weekend drives and meetings with car clubs, going to car shows, and a lot of detailing for some of us. As the weather improves, it becomes ever so clear just how dirty your car really is. And whether you’re meeting a group of friends by the Culver’s or competing in a show, your car’s got to look good, right? Well here are four quick, easy ways to help you shine at the car show…

  • Pre-Show Glaze | Chances are if you’re heading to a show, you might just toss on a quick layer of wax. Or, if you’ve got the time, you may have gotten your ride polished up for the event. In either situation, adding a glaze to the process can really enhance the depth of your car’s shine. Read more about glazes.
  • Layered Wax | By layering sealants on your paint (ie. a layer of paint sealant, a layer of carnauba, and a final layer of a high-grade natural wax, you’re effectively adding depth, clarity, and luster to your car’s curves.
  • Q-Tips | Huh? Not for your ears, but rather for your paint. After you finish waxing, use a Q-Tip or two to remove any excess “smudges” from crevices and trim. If your car’s being judged, you’ll be happy you did… and if you’re not being judged, you’ll still have a cleaner ride than the next guy.
  • Always Carry a Detail Spray | Trips to the grocery store? Yes. Car show events? Yes. Commute to work? Yes. The moral of the story is that $@!% happens when you’re least expecting it. A bird might drop you a present or maybe some kid got his greasy fingers on your freshly waxed paint. If you brought a detail spray, you’re in the clear.

Got a pre-show routine? Share in the comments below!