New Arrival: Matte Motorcycle Prescription

Matte Motorcycle Care Kit

Finally, the same quality care for matte cars is available in more economically sized bottles for matte motorcycles. As most of us know, the matte trend has been sparked and certainly influenced by the motorcycle industry. Many manufactures, BMW and Ducati for example, offer matte paint options on almost every bike they produce.

The wait is over. Start with Matte Body Wash and give your bike a good cleaning. On any soiled areas, behind the front tire or lower fairings, use Matte Paint Cleanser to successfully remove water spots, some staining, and more. After washing the bike, leave it wet and apply Matte Paint Sealant to any matte surface. You can go right over gas caps, accents, decals, lights, and more with Matte Paint Sealant without causing harm. In fact, you’d be protecting them, too. Once your done, keep the 4 oz. bottle of Matte Final Finish with you so you can remove fingerprints, dust spots, and gunk from your bike after a ride.

Whether you ride to cruise the back roads or hit the track, be sure to have your Matte Motorcycle Prescription handy when it’s time to get clean. You won’t be disappointed.

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