Best Car Care Products For Summer

Parked Audi and Acura

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s almost May… and when it’s almost May, well, it’s almost Summer. Longer days, shorter nights, more driving, more sun. Sounds like the formula for a good time, that is if your car has been cared for properly. Nobody likes an ugly car, so here are four car care products you’ll need to have your car looking pristine for Summer 2012.

Paint Sealant | Whether you’re driving a matte car or a glossy car, a paint sealant is your car’s best friend. First off, you can’t use carnauba on matte cars, but for glossy cars, the added heat really takes a toll on (the much weaker) natural waxes. A (non-matte) paint sealant will deliver you a brilliant shine with added durability, even allowing you to wax on top of it if you can’t resist the fluffy carnauba. For matte cars, protecting your matte paint finish regularly is always advised to keep the finish looking flat and new.

Detail Spray | Summer tends to be the time when our cars play host to a whole lot of crap. For the most part that can be interpreted figuratively, but on the topic of birds, I’m totally serious. Things like dust, pollen, bird crap, tree sap, construction overspray etc. are all lurking come summer – and if you don’t carry a final inspection spray in your car, you could potentially find yourself needing a machine buff. Trust me, it’s easier to clean things off as they occur than to buff an imperfection back to normal.

Wheel Sealant | You know what’s hotter than a 95˚ day? Your brakes after about 40 minutes of driving. Hot brakes plus hot brake dust = hell for your wheels. I don’t care if you’ve got chrome, matte, powder coated or spray painted wheels, they need protection come Summer. Allowing brake dust to cake on the surface causes etching and pitting, two of the most unsightly things that can happen to your car besides swirl marks and scratches. Make sure your wheel sealant has no carnauba, as the high heat causes carnauba to soften and literally run right off your wheels.

Odor Eliminator | Seems a little odd, but Summer is sometimes a little foul. Whether it be a gym bag that’s left in the trunk for a few days or the remnants of a spilled ice cream cone, stuff happens… and believe me, you’ll want something to rid your ride of the odor when it does. Stay one step (and one smell) ahead of the game by always keeping a bottle handy. Especially this summer.

No matter the reason, we all want our cars looking good. From the above you can see it might require a bit of preparation, but ask a passionate car enthusiast their opinion – they’ll say it’s worth every moment. There’s nothing like a good looking car, so get yours ready for summer 2012 with the proper car care products.