The New ‘Wash & Wax’

Yellow Lamborghini Close Up

In the past, washing and waxing your car by hand probably meant a good hour or so of time spent detailing. If you opted for a paint sealant, tack a few more hours on for bonding and cure time. While washing and waxing has pretty much been unchanged for as long as the industry has been around, I’m going to show you an innovative alternative that can cut your time in half, give you exceptional results, and leave your car with protection that seemingly lasts forever. The secret lies in a unique paint sealant that bonds immediately to the surfacing with the help of water.

The Product

Formula 1201 is a technological break through in automotive paintwork protection. It not only bonds to the surface immediately, but yields a powerful shine without the use of silicones or waxes. Because of 1201’s unique composition and bonding capabilities, the sealant is applied to a wet surface. As if it wasn’t intriguing enough, interms of efficiency, you only need 8-10 drops of 1201 on a foam applicator to seal your entire car, truck, or SUV. With a wax you’re looking at a minimum of 1 oz. to seal an entire car, and in most cases closer to 2 oz. depending on product choice. But wait, there’s more. As I mentioned, the bond is second to none – 1201 will protect your paint anywhere from 6 months to a year depending on weather conditions, climate, and washing tendencies (another way to measure it’s longevity is roughly 100 car washes). As far as protection goes, it’s second to none.

The Process

1201 Paint SealantAs you would expect, a unique product requires a unique process, but get this – it’s easier than waxing your car. First you clean the wheels and wash the car, making certain it’s nice and clean. That part stays the same, but when you’re done washing, do not dry the car before applying 1201. Water acts as a catalyst for the sealant, immediately causing it to bond with the paint finish. While applying you’ll actually see this process happening as the water appears to ‘gel’ up and run right off the protected surface. After applying, dry the car with microfiber towels and you’ll be all set. It’s as simple as 10 minutes added to your car wash and you get remarkable protection with a glistening shine.

A Little Extra

Because Formula 1201 bonds instantly, you can layer a high-shine carnauba wax over it immediately. With a traditional paint sealant, cure and bond time can run almost 48 hours, so there’s no question that if you’re looking for an additional shine by means of carnauba, that base layer of 1201 will save you loads time.

When all is said and done, personal preference reigns supreme. I for one love the qualities of a traditional paint sealant, but it’s hard to deny the advantages of switching to Formula 1201. The process is great, the product lasts (what feels like) forever, and it leaves the paint finish look spectacular. Not much else to say except that the future of paint sealant technology is here.