Matte Car Care Product Tutorials [VIDEOS]

Check out these quick tutorials of the matte car care products in our Matte Paint Prescription:

Matte Body Wash

Matte Paint Coating

Matte Paint Cleanser

Matte Final Finish

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  • jeremy

    is there any way to get scratches buffed out?

    • Jeremy,

      Unfortunately not at this time. Polishing will smooth and begin to make the surface reflective.

      We are working with clear coat manufacturers to develop a matte-safe polish, but at this point touch-up paint or repainting the panel are your only options. Your best bet is to make sure the car is protected so you don’t get any additional scratches.

      Hope this helps!


  • poonam

    I have bought Dr. Beasleys Matt paint sealant and Matte Final Finish….Could you give suggestions as in, in what order to use them and how to go about using them…Thank you…

    • Poonam,

      Matte Paint Sealant is used after a car wash, while the car is wet, to protect the finish. It is applied in a circular motion with a foam applicator and should be applied every 6-9 months.

      Matte Final Finish is used as you need it when you run into things like bird droppings, fingerprints, and dust. You just spray the surface and wipe with a microfiber towel. I recommend keeping this in the glovebox or trunk at all times.

      The videos above will do a better job of showing you how exactly they are used. Hope this helps!


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  • Cody smith

    Sorry for this comment..I really would love this product as I just got my car painted…but I just can’t afford it all…. Do you have any less costly products or ideas to clean my car…sorry for asking just don’t want to damage my paint ..

    • We offer this same assortment in a motorcycle detailing kit that brings the price down significantly. Additionally, as with all our products, a little goes a long way so you’ll still get a lot out of it.

      At the very least I would recommend using Matte Body Wash to wash the car regularly. I, too, recommend protecting the car as this is the most important thing you can do to prevent future damage to the matte paint.