Matte Paint Care Instructions

The electronic matte paint care instruction manual for the Matte Paint Prescription:

For more information regarding matte paint care, visit our Matte FAQs. Tell your friends… it’s not as hard as you think!

  • JRJalapeno

    Hi! 2 quick questions. The Hyundai care manual says only use straight strokes but your video for the sealant shows circular application. Is it just drying the car that requires straight strokes? 2nd question is the manual says to wet the microfiber towel as well as the car with the cleaner before using but none of your videos indicate that. Does it matter? Thanks!! You guys rock!

    • Matte Paint Sealant is nonabrasive so you can use it in any motion you’d like. Circular will allow you to cover more space, but if you’re more comfortable with straight lines that’s okay, too. As you stated, drying with straight strokes is preferred.

      When using Matte Paint Cleanser you should spray the surface. You can also spray the towel for lighter dust and debris. It really depends on what you’re cleaning. If something is stuck on the surface you should let the product sit before wiping it dry.

      Hope this helps!