The Detail: Introduction

Drying a Classic Car

Today I’m pleased to announce a new series where Behind the Detail will actually be going behind the detail in various car care situations. Whether that means detailing for a road trip, to impress a client, or after a night on the town with your friends, our plan is to share the knowledge you need to tackle any situation. Sure we’ve covered some of this before in our previous (196!) posts, but a combination of customer experiences as well as knowledge from our shop in Chicago has put us in prime position to deliver quality remedies for any situation you can think of.

The best part? You can help!

We’re always looking for more scenarios, messes, and situations to share with our readers and we love suggestions. All you have to do is submit your car care questions to our facebook page and if it’s something our readers will be interested in we’ll answer it here in a new series entitled The Detail. So stay tuned, chime in, and enjoy your vehicle!