Clear Bra On Matte?

Matte Mercedes C63 AMG

Earlier today we had a blog comment asking about clear bra on matte paint. The big question – will a traditional glossy clear bra appear reflective? The short answer is yes, but take a look for yourself…

As you can see, the area covered in clear bra is reflective – notice the reflection of the window that you wouldn’t normally see in matte paint. Because the clear bra is reflective it completely renders the matte paint beneath it useless, but what it does do is protect it. Most matte car owners probably don’t want highlights of gloss all around their car just to protect against rock chips, which is why these companies have invented matte clear bras. Similar to a wrap, the matte clear is just textured to diffuse light rather than specularly reflect it (like a mirror) as you see in the photograph.

Would You Recommend It?

Matte or not, your car is not immune to rock chips. I’ve always liked the idea of a clear bra, but if I had a matte car I would consider springing for a clear bra set in matte. That doesn’t go to say the glossy clear bra wont work, but rather that matte clear bra would look significantly better. In any event, a clear bra is going to give you added protection against rock chips in high traffic areas such as wheel arches, fenders, front bumper, or hood… and to me, protection is worth it, especially since you can’t polish the paint.

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