The Detail: Impressing A Client

2007 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Interior

To kick off our latest blog series, The Detail, I’ll be showing you how to impress a client with a clean car. One of the worst things you can do is tarnish your reputation because your car is a pigsty. Cleaner is always better, and luckily we’re on your side. These tips are quick, easy improvements that don’t require much heavy lifting. Continue reading and you’ll be sure to make a good impression in no time.


The outside of your car is the first thing a client (or potential client) is going to see. Make sure it’s not filthy. This means either go get a car wash or do it yourself, no one wants to be seen in a dirty car – especially when it’s for business. I recommend washing by hand a day or two before and protecting the car with a car wax so it stays glistening for more than just a few days. You could go to a corner car wash, but chances are they’ll miss a few spots and you’ll end up grabbing a wash the day of. Trust me, a sparkling exterior is something they’ll notice… don’t leave it up to chance.

Tip: Keep a detail spray and microfiber towel handy incase a bird decides to ruin your day.


The biggest impact on your client is going to be inside of your car. There are a lot of factors at play such as fragrance, cleanliness, garbage, stains… all real things that if not addressed can turn off a visitor. First things first, clean the interior. This means vacuum, wipe the seats down, and make sure there’s not junk all over the car. Secondly, make sure you pick a non offensive fragrance that’s light and fresh. Get rid of that green tree or those yankee candle gel things and get something natural. Floral is always good, citrus is overplayed, but what I really recommend is fresh laundry – it’s a subtle yet intriguing scent that will surely spark conversation. Give it a try. Last and certainly not least, make sure all of your personal things are either in the trunk or taken out of the car. No client is going to want to see a receipt from your acupuncturist or grab a whiff your smelly gym socks.

Tip: Condition any leather, clean the glass for smudges, and keep an interior cleaner handy.

In reality preparing your car for a client isn’t tough. It’s about keeping it simple and making sure there’s nothing unnecessarily in view. Books, magazines, old McDonald’s wrappers… they have no place in your car in the first place, but even so. Clean the interior, clean the exterior and just make sure they’re comfortable. If it helps try to imagine your car as a rental car and not your vehicle – it should be spotless, fresh, and minimal. So next time you’re looking to impress a client follow this simple guide and get it done. I guarantee you it will pay off.

For the list lovers out there here’s a more straightforward list of what you should do:


  • Wash & wax
  • Tire conditioner
  • Clean wheels


  • Remove junk & vacuum
  • Clean seats
  • Subtle Fragrance

Be Ready For…

  • Bird droppings
  • Spills
  • Baggage

Anything special you do to your car to prepare for clients? Let us know in the comments!