3 Ways To Make Your Car Stand Out This Summer

Red Corvette Close Up

With summer in full swing now is the time to make sure your car is looking good. It doesn’t matter if you’re checking out a car show, taking a road trip, or just cruising around town, the cleanliness of your car is something everyone notices. If you’re falling behind, fear not. You have plenty of time to make a good impression. The best place to start is with a wash and a wax, but there are a few additional things you should do that will really make your car stand out from the pack this summer. Read on and check them out.

#1 Thorough Wheel Detail

As I’ve said before, your wheels are one of the tell all areas of your car. Just in one glance they can uncover negligence or make your detailing skills shine. The important thing here is to be thorough. That means don’t just tell the car wash take a few extra minutes on the wheel.. it means get down and dirty and get all that aged brake dust out from the inside of your rims. When break dust is left untreated it can cause etching and pitting, causing irreversible damage to your rims. If that’s not motivation, just think of the heads you’ll turn with your sparkling clean wheels when you’re done. Read: How To Properly Clean Your Wheels.

#2 Paint Decontamination

First things first, see if you have to clay your car (read more). Next, if you’re comfortable with polishing and your car needs it (swirls, holograms, etc.), do so. You can use a machine or polish by hand, and always follow with a glaze to fill any deeper imperfections in before protecting. If you don’t want or need to polish there is a quick and easy way to decontaminate your paint that adds incredible depth beneath your wax or sealant layer: a paint cleanser. Using a paint cleanser decontaminates the surface and uses solvents to break apart embedded contaminants so they don’t cause damage. Additionally, most paint cleanser will properly prepare the surface for wax or sealant application – increasing the strength of the bond as well as its durability. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

#3 Exterior Trim Revival

Summer gets hot, and currently we’re in the midst one of the hottest on record throughout most of the world. This added heat does affect your car, and UV damage is one of the biggest killers of your car’s exterior appearance. Reviving and protecting your exterior trim – be it plastic, carbon fiber, or rubber – can add significant beauty points. Dark trim fades to grey after a while, and using a conditioning sealant will effectively breathe life back into these accents as well as protect them from future damage this summer. Ask anyone and they will agree… cars with faded grey plastic trim are noticeably uglier than cars with vibrant, deep, black trim. Again, just another small step you can take toward a great looking car this summer.

Like I said before, these details are meant to enhance the appearance of your car this summer. These procedures alone will not give you a perfect looking ride, but when you partner them with a regular wash and wax routine, you’re golden. If not for the glam, at least do it for the car. Over time skipping details like these adds up and can contribute to premature rusting, etching, staining, clear coat damage, swirl marks, and more – all of which lowers the value of your car. So get to cleaning and let us know how it goes!

As always, speak up if you’ve got certain things you want to share with Behind the Detail… anything you do special in summer to make sure your car’s looking to the nines?