Can-Am Matte Paint Care

Matte Black Can-Am


Today a customer and commenter (Thanks Samantha!) alerted us to the fact that there is another factory matte finish on the road: The Can-Am Spyder. Can-Am motorcycles, as you may know, specializes in recreational vehicles and has since 2006. Before that they manufactured terrain, motocross, and enduro bikes – mostly for competition, but during the 70s their bikes were often used by the British Army. Their most recent success and attention, however, is mainly due to their three-wheeled motorcycles…

Caring for a matte Can-Am

If you have a matte Can-Am and haven’t read Matte Paint Made Easy, you definitely should. Basically it walks you through how matte paint got such a bad wrap and why it’s really no different to care for than a “normal” glossy car is. The article shows matte car owners and the rest of the web that caring for matte paint is easier than (misinformed) people are making it out to be.


Just like any car, truck, or motorcycle, protecting the paint on your matte Can-Am is the best way to keep it looking great for a long time. Of course regular washing has something to do with this, too, but paintwork is extremely susceptible to debris, environmental fallout, and UV damage – all of which a quality matte-specific paint sealant will protect against.


Like I said, wash regularly and your paint will look great. Keep a matte detail spray handy to remove bird droppings, finger prints, bugs, and the like quickly and easily. For harder to remove substances (ie. staining, sap, overspray), you’ll want to keep a matte paint cleaner in the garage… where you would normally clay and polish a glossy car, you don’t have to with matte. There are matte car care products ready to relieve the stress and paranoia surrounding matte paint once and for all.

If you own a matte Can-Am, your best bet is to hang around the blog and learn all you can. Matte paint doesn’t have to make you want to pull your hair out… and trust me, every forum piece about how matte paint is delicate is entirely misleading. We’ve spoken to a number of manufacturers and the clear coats are as durable (if not more) than a glossy car, so you’ve got nothing to worry about. We’ve even developed a matte motorcycle detailing kit so that all the guesswork disappears… the products, the technique, the innovation – it’s all taken care of.

PS: If you’ve got a matte Can-Am, we’d love to see some pictures! Get at us on facebook and tell us what you like about the finish in the comments!