Our Kind Of Labor Day

Matte White GT-R Rear View

If you’ve checked out our facebook page recently, you know we had a pretty exciting Labor Day weekend. We went to Supercar Saturdays for a little fun, but we also went to Autowerks of Northbrook to get down to business. By business I, of course, mean detailing… and not just any old cars. Among the cars we were invited to detail was a one-of-a-kind matte BMW M3 from GTHaus and a flat-out scary matte white GT-R. Needless to say, this allowed for some awesome testing and some even better content. Read all about it…

Matte White GT-R

Yes, when we heard we were getting a matte GT-R we were quite excited. It’s not every day you see a GT-R, but in matte white? Talk about rare. Fortunately for us, the car was somewhat filthy: exhaust stains on the rear bumpers, embedded dirt and grime… we had our work cut out for us. So we set up shop in the Autowerks building and got to work. And I know you don’t want to hear about the boring stuff, so I thought I’d share some pictures and a little about how we treated the car’s unique matte finish.

Wash Matte White GTRThe first thing we did with the GT-R was wash it with matte car wash soap. When it comes to matte paint, you wash it the same exact way as you would a normal car – by hand. Sure you can get great work done by a local hand car wash, but the best results are produced right in your (shaded) driveway. We were lucky enough to have some space set aside for us to use and it turned out great.

Protect Matte White Painted GTRThis was the first time we’ve met this matte GT-R. And while the owner had heard of our matte products, we got to “christen” the surface with Matte Paint Sealant – our instant bonding, no-shine matte paint protection product. As you can see (click the image to enlarge), the sealant has a unique reaction with water and bonds to the paint, creating an invisible layer of durable protection for the flat finish.

Matte White GTRAfter washing the car, protecting the matte finish, cleaning up the carbon fiber trim, and detailing the wheels… we got to see the paint as it was intended and, yes, it was stunning. The paint job, along with a slew of other upgrades, add-ons and enhancements, was done by Autowerks. Needless to say, this matte white GT-R was an awesome car to detail.

Matte BMW M3 from GTHaus

“Wow” is probably the first thing you say when you see this car in person. It’s half matte white, half matte black vinyl, and plays host to a whole bunch of aesthetic trickery. By that I simply mean unique colors and bad ass styling. As you’ll see in the pictures, this (not at all street legal) M3 is covered with glossy accents, decals, limo tints all around, and a porsche-esque body kit. The car even takes a unique stance on Giovanna rims: the driver’s side wheels are a bright orange while the other two are a soft slate grey color. While the pictures only do partial justice, this car is one sweet sight in person.

Wet Matte BMW M3Again, we started with a wash and moved on to protecting the finish. This car, if you can’t tell, is two-toned… but it’s not just two paint colors. The black is a vinyl wrap, and the white is a matte paint job. Fortunately the matte car care products used on the paint were designed to work perfectly on vinyl wraps, too.

Matte Black M3Now that I think of it, this car isn’t just two-toned… it’s three-toned. It’s full of glossy accents around the bumpers, hood scoops, and side mirrors. It makes for a unique sight, and happens to be the first time I’ve seen something of its kind. With the glossy accents on this M3, all we did differently was wax those areas with a high-shine carnauba to make sure they really popped.

Matte White & Black M3Expecting to see those orange rims I mentioned? Well even if you aren’t, that was my way of asking you to check out our facebook page (where I’ll be posting some more pictures just a few minutes after this blog goes live). And if you like what you see when you get there, you should give us a like. I don’t think this will be the last we (or you) see of this M3.

Drumroll, please…

While we were up at Autowerks we picked up the matte hoods we had painted for the SEMA Show! I’ll be sharing all about the hoods and the matte painting process (including pictures) in an upcoming blog, so tune in. And for those of you who guessed what hood colors we chose, were you right? Let us know in the comments!

To conclude I would first like to thank Autowerks for their hospitality and help coordinating the awesome day we had. Additionally, special thanks to the owners of the GT-R, the M3, and the matte white 3 series (that we’ll be showing you more of later). Stay tuned for more photos, articles, tips, and tricks regarding matte paint, car care, and detailing.

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