The Road to SEMA 2012

The Road to SEMA

As many of you know, this year will mark our first ever SEMA Show. A lot has happened in the past two months in preparation for the event, so consider this an update on our progress. And for those of you who don’t know or may have forgot… we’ll be liveblogging SEMA 2012!

Matte Demo Hoods

We have some exciting news regarding our matte hoods for the SEMA Show: they’re in! We had 7 hoods painted by Autowerks of Northbrook (IL) and they look great. The guys over at Autowerks were nice enough to include some awesome pictures of the process. Check them out…

matte painting by autowerks

SEMA Show Product Demos

While we are still fiddling with our SEMA Show strategy, we do know that we’ll be doing some product demos every attendee should try to see. Here are just a few that we’ll be showing off (we’ll update with more later):

Matte Paint ProtectionMatte Paint Sealant
The industry’s only instant bonding, wax-free protection for matte paint and matte wraps. We’ll be showing how easy it is to apply and explaining a bit about why it’s the only true “no-shine” protective coating for matte painted cars.

Matte Paint Cleanser
Easily removes embedded dirt and stains from matte paint and matte wraps. No scrubbing, no buffing… just a hard working, matte-safe cleaning product.

Matte Final Finish
The only silicone and wax-free touchup/detail spray for matte finishes. Say goodbye to bird droppings, tire sling, finger prints, and the worry associated with matte paint.

SEMA Show Media

As you can probably tell, we like to gather media related to just about everything we do at Dr. Beasley’s. Videos, pictures, you name it. The SEMA Show is no exception: we’ll be snapping pictures of the cars, the events, and maybe even the models. Every day we’ll pick our top 5 and share them on facebook/our blog. We’ll also be debuting a new matte paint care video at SEMA, which will also be shared on our media venues for those who can’t make the show.

Stop by our booth during the show or stay up-to-date right here on our blog for more information, updates, and news regarding SEMA 2012!