Tips For Matte Car Care At SEMA

Matte White Lamborghini AventadorIf you’ve attended or read up on the SEMA Show in the past, you know matte cars have become a very popular feature. Just about all the big booths (Ford, Mopar, Hyundai, etc.) have a matte car or two, and you’ll find dozens, if not more, scattered throughout the entire venue. They’ve become a fan favorite and are easily some of the cooler cars at the show, so making sure the matte paint looks great for 4 days straight is important. Here’s how…

Before SEMA

Wash & seal before the show. Facts are facts: a protected car stays cleaner longer. By washing a protecting (with a wax-free matte paint sealant) before the show, you’ll have a durable barrier of protection against debris and contaminants.

Detail the car inside and out. A lot of cars that come to SEMA are brand spanking new. But just because a car is new doesn’t mean it looks great. Make sure there’s no overspray, brake dust, dirty seats, etc. I recommend cleaning and sealing every surface you can, including the car’s leather, glass, paint, trim, and wheels.


Keep a matte detail spray handy. This one should be obvious. With the amount of attention matte cars get at the SEMA Show, you’ve got to be ready for finger prints, but also, since the car will be sitting still for the entire event, you need to be able to handle dust. Fortunately, a matte detail spray will give you the cleaning power for a spotless show.

Clean your windows daily before the show opens. I recommend keeping a class cleaner on site because attendees will notice dirty windows. They’re an easy surface to dirty up, especially if someone lays a greasy finger on them. Be ready and keep your windows crystal clear by cleaning them in the morning before the show starts.

Condition the tires. We’ve spoke to a number of previous exhibitors, and wouldn’t you know it… tire conditioner is one thing they go through a lot of. Why? Well dry, faded tires are absolutely hideous, whereas rich, dark rubber is fairly attractive in my book. This is another great practice to adopt before the show opens each morning.


When all is said and done, the best way to keep a matte car looking great at the SEMA show is by protecting the finish and staying ahead of the game by being prepared. Some cars are parked outside, so for them it means being ready for a nice splash of bird crap, and, for those inside with booth cars, it means prepping the car in the morning and being ready for fingerprints. Proper matte car care isn’t tough and shouldn’t take up much of your time at the show. Best of all, we’re at booth #13045 if you need help.

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