2012 SEMA Show Recap

Red Acura NSX

The Cars

SEMA’s great for a number of reasons, and while the longest lines were those for women signing autographs, my main focus was the cars. If you followed our liveblog (which, I apologize, went down for a while) you got a good taste of everything SEMA has to offer. For those who missed it, these were some of my favorites:

TJ Lavin's Ford Shoebox at SEMAMatte Lexus LS SEMA Show


Matte Jeep Wrangler from MoparEGR Matte Hyundai Santa Fe

High Xpectations CTSLexus Concept SEMA

Our Demo

Our booth at the show drew quite a bit of attention (and not just because we’re all so gosh darn handsome). The main attraction was our Matte Paint Sealant demo which drew a great crowd (including world-renowned detailer Renny Doyle). We were showing how easy, innovative, and effective the product is on matte paint finishes and matte vinyl wraps. We’ll be posting our latest matte car care video later this week.

Other Exhibitors

First and foremost, shout out to those showing cars we partnered with: Kicker Audio, EGR, Ford, VizuaLogic, Accuair, Undercover Bed Covers. Same goes for the builders behind these great cars: EGR, Divine 1 Customs, High Xpectations, Crolls Customs, KEG Media, L&G.

Now, to speak on behalf of the rest of the exhibits, one thing’s for sure: the wraps drew a crowd. More than a few booths were wrapping and re-wrapping cars all day with their respective custom wraps. If I had to pick one exhibitor that stood out, however, it would be Ford. The elaborate display of their new lineup and the sheer size of their booth made it more than mesmerizing. Kicker Audio also drew a lot of eyes (and ears) with a sampling of their systems and one of the cooler cars at the show, TJ Lavin’s matte green ’51 Shoebox (pictured above). The show floor was scattered with OEMs, window films, new part designs, wheels, audio equipment, tools, and much, much more.

And so…

It was one blast of a show. My feet kind of hurt and we’ve got a ton of photos to go through, but that’s nothing to complain about considering what a spectacular week it was. Not only are we looking forward to coming next year, we’re excited about all the great relationships we now have due to a great organization.

See you next year, SEMA!

P.S. If you want to see more of a specific car, just let us know in the comments. We’ll be sharing more with upcoming posts and in our detailing articles so be sure to tune in and stay regular at Behind the Detail.