3 Reasons To Shampoo Your Carpets

Blue Toyota Prius Interior

When your car’s interior gets dirty, there’s typically a lot of work to do. Everything from cleaning headrests to de-dusting consoles will help brighten your interior, but there is nothing as powerful as shampooing your carpets. A deep clean for your car’s fabric flooring can really pay dividends and make your car feel younger and last longer, but do you know what signs to look for, indicating you may need to shampoo? Read on and find out…

1: Filth

When your car’s carpets get dirty, you obviously need to vacuum them. Problem is, most people don’t have a shop vac sitting around, and while you might, all too often do they go unused. So what ends up happening is the dirt and junk that has fallen on the floor is ground deeper and smaller until you’re left with a relatively disgusting carpet. The best way to then liven it up is by shampooing (which should always begin with a thorough vacuuming). That said, if you have a shop vac, stay regular and vacuum your car once every few weeks. It will save you loads of time and keep your interior looking fresh.

2: Odor

No one is a stranger to the stank, especially when it comes to your car’s carpets. We’ve all experienced (to some extent) the spilled coffee, pet smells, or a strange odor emanating from under the back seat. When you can’t simply scrub and dry with a towel or brush, shampooing is the next logical choice. I recommend keeping an odor eliminator close by in case you don’t have the necessary tools to shampoo (ie. hot water extractor, carpet removing tools, etc.)… that way you can at least ward off the smell until a professional can remove the mold, bacteria, or whatever else is causing the smell from beneath the carpet.

3: Staining

Having spent a lot of time in Chicago, a main concern is staining from road salt in the winter. For other states and climates, I’m sure you’ve witnessed crayon stains and coffee stains or maybe even mud stains. When left untreated, these are tough to remove just by hand. You’ll need a carpet brush and a carpet shampoo, combined with a wee bit of elbow grease, and you’ll have those areas looking great in no time. When it comes to staining, however, they are largely preventable with a fabric sealant. So while you may need some heavy scrubbing to fix your current situation, you can do your part in making sure you wont have to again by protecting your car’s carpet.

Nobody likes a messy interior, and gnarly carpets are the first thing your friends will notice (aside from that pungent smell coming from them) when they step in for a ride. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a carpet cleaning either at a local detail shop or in your garage if you have the time and tools. Trust me, your trips to work will be much more inviting and your passengers won’t assume you’re a complete slob.

Tip: Floor mats can save you loads of time, money, and effort in the long run.

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