3 Small Changes For A Cleaner Car

Black Porsche 911 Turbo

Today it seems everyone’s looking for that little extra when it comes to car care and detailing. Whether it’s a little bit of shine or better looking leather, one thing’s for sure, we like to get the most out of our detailing efforts regardless of the task. These 3 small additions to your routine will help your car look better than ever.

1: No more dish soap.

All too often we have a customer who has been using dish soap to wash their car. Almost inevitably, the conversation elevates to “why does it look like my wax is gone” or “how come my finish looks dry.” I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: don’t use dish soap to wash your car. It’s great for stripping grease and grime off of crystal stemware, but it’s not the right choice for washing your car.

Get yourself a high-quality car wash soap (that’s pH balanced so as not to strip protection from your finish) and stop treating your finish like a pile of dirty dishes.

2: Wax on wax on wax.

A lot of people enjoy the deep luster of wax, but as you may have noticed, it doesn’t last all that long. Fact: the more protection you apply to your car’s finish, the better it will look, and the longer it will look good. As always I recommend putting a paint sealant layer down first, followed by a higher shine carnauba, but the choice is yours.

Whatever you do, just be sure you’re choosing protection over a short-lived shine. After all, you can always apply a new layer to get a better shine, but what good’s a shine if the surface beneath it is torn up due to lack of protection

3: Seriously, protect your wheels.

Often people ask me what the easiest way to become a noticeably better detailer, and each time I respond with one tip: the cleaner your wheels are, the cleaner your car looks. Basically my advice is spend more time on your wheels. Give them a thorough cleaning, and once they’re looking great, protect them regularly (between washes).

Your wheels are one area that, if left untreated, can become damaged. Our shop in Chicago sees pitted wheels everyday and it’s really heartbreaking to see someone spend their hard earned money on a gorgeous set of shoes just to let them turn to crap.

One last thing…

These tips are small additions to your detailing routine that will bring out your car’s natural beauty. Not everyone washes and protects their wheels, and sure, thousands of people out there use dish soap to clean their cars, but I guarantee your car will continue to look better and better if you adopt the above three car care tips.

Already using one of these tips? Let us know and share your own!