MTE 2013 – Professional Detailer’s Event Of The Year

Mobile Tech Expo 2013

Detailers swarmed the 2013 Mobile Technology Expo (MTE), held in January in Kissimmee, Florida. The MTE is the premier event for professional detailers from around the world, where detailers network and share their business stories and experiences. As a first time attendee myself, I found it to be absolutely inspiring, as well as an incredible amount of fun.

Participation at the MTE educational seminars, certifications and social events was very high. Presenters included Mike Phillips (AutoGeek), Renny Doyle (Detailing Success), Larry Kosilla (AMMO NYC), Darin Pereira (Meguiar’s) and yours truly (Dr. Beasley’s). Personally, I go to a lot of automotive shows, expos and conventions, and by far the MTE is the most dedicated car appearance and detailer event that exists. Next year I anticipate detailer participation at this event to skyrocket for the 2014 show. I would highly encourage all professional detailers to make plans for the 2014 MTE in order to network with the best detailers in the world.

At the MTE, the International Detailing Association (IDA) Board held its annual meeting. I was elected President for 2013 to lead the association to professionalize the detailing industry. With the IDA kick-off at the MTE we finalized exciting plans for the balance of the year. With rapid membership growth in 2012, we are seeking detailer certification growth in 2013 at national and regional trade show around the nation. We’ll be participating in trade shows and events across the US and we invite all detailers to participate. Stay tuned to Behind the Detail for new announcements.

Jim Lafeber is the founder of Simon’s Shine Shop, Inc. and Dr. Beasley’s. Simon’s Shine Shop is a full service hand car wash and detailing facility located in the heart of Chicago, IL. In 2013 Jim was elected President of The International Detailing Association.

You can read more about Jim here.