4 Ways To Prepare For Detailing Season

Matte White Jeep

With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to dust off the five gallon bucket and wash your microfiber towels; detailing season is almost here. Better weather increases the desire for a great looking car, and before you can achieve this you must first make sure you’re ready for action and prepare for detailing season…

1. Examine your car

To make sure you have a grasp on what detailing your car really needs, always give your car a thorough wash and then examine your finish, trim, wheels, and interior. Look for swirls, fading, cloudiness, scuffs, and anything else that’s keeping your car from perfection. I recommend documenting this somewhere even if it’s your iPhone’s note app. Doing so will give you a better idea of what your car needs come spring and will help make your plan of attack more efficient.

2. Get the right car care products

Before you notice your car looking filthy, make sure you pick up some car wash soap, interior cleaning products, and all the necessary accessories that you’ll need to keep your car looking great. Opting for properly formulated car care products can extend the aesthetic benefits of your car wash (for example) and make all the difference in how many heads your car turns as you cruise down the street.

3. Schedule time for car care

Car care is a very methodical process that requires attention and dedication. The pay off is huge, of course, but one of the biggest problems I see enthusiasts face is having enough time to stay on top of proper car care. Now this can, in part, be cured by using longer lasting products, but it can also help to block out time in your schedule for maintaining the appearance of your ride. Your car will thank you, and it will feel good to see the fruits of your labor revealed before your eyes.

4. Beef up your Detailing IQ

If you’re an enthusiast, check out some articles or books on proper car care. You’re already on Behind the Detail, so that’s a great start. If you’re a professional and looking to get a leg up, you should research communities such as the IDA (International Detailing Association) or industry masters like Renny Doyle who can help you get the most out of your efforts.

In addition to the above four suggestions, we’re always here to help with questions. Drop us a line in the comments or send an email to myteam@drbeasleys.com and you might get your question answered in a post on Behind the Detail (plus a personal response, of course). Happy detailing!