The Dangers Of Dust

Dust on Blue Volkswagon Passat

Cars in certain climates require special detailing regimens to stay looking good. In drier areas, that problem is largely dust. Places like San Jose, Fresno, San Diego, Austin, and Albuquerque (just to name a few) have a lot of filthy cars for this very reason. Dust poses massive issues regarding paint care, so here’s why you need to take precaution if you live in an area with a lot of dust…

Dust and paint don’t mix

You see, dust may not seem problematic at first. Just a blemish on the surface of your car, but consider that dust, if the surface isn’t protected, can dig into your clear coat much like sandpaper would. If, say, your car was covered in dust and a purse or your leg brushed up against the quarter panel, you can almost be certain there will be some slight surface marring. While this isn’t always visible, it’s almost always fixable with a simple hand polishing procedure.

“The best offense is good defense”

While this saying is all too common in sports, it rings just as true in the world of car care. In detailing terms, the best way to keep your car looking great is to prevent it from things that make it look bad. Protecting your finish from the dangers of dust is the most important way to deal with this kind of environmental damage to your vehicle. Sealing the paint will prevent the dust from being embedded into the finish and potentially causing swirls or scratches.

Likewise, washing regularly will also help keep dust from altering the resilience of your protection layer. Dust on a waxed surface has the same effect on the wax as it does to a bare surface—after all, that’s why we protect in the first place.

So if you live in a dusty area, know that your car needs special attention if you want it looking great all year round. Take the necessary action and stay on top of your detailing duties and you’ll have nothing to worry about. As always, let us know in the comments if you have tips of your own that you want to share, or drop us a question and we’ll get back to you ASAP!