3 Steps To Better Looking Tires: A Case Study

Before and After TireThe other day I was getting into one of the trucks we use here at the shop and when I looked down I noticed the tires were covered in reddish/brown blotches and tons of dirt and dust. It’s a big truck with big tires so it’s tough not to notice that sort of thing. Anyway, I was reminded of an article we posted a couple of months ago about taking care of tires, and it struck me as a perfect opportunity to do a case study on what, specifically, it takes to get your tires looking absolutely perfect.

1. Rinse and Wash
Cleaning TireThe first step we took may seem like the most obvious, but it’s important nonetheless. In order to get any surface prepared for a protectant or conditioner it needs to be cleaned. In this case it was easy. We simply rinsed the tire, sprayed it with a good wheel cleaner, and brushed it with a tire scrub brush. Once we rinsed off any extra soap we had ourselves a clean tire. But that was just the first step.


2. Dry and Condition

Tire Conditioner

After cleaning the tire and removing all of the blotchiness and dirt, we dried it and were able to see exactly what sort of condition it was in. We immediately noticed that the tire was sort of faded and grey looking and needed some love, so we brought out our Tire Conditioner. A dollop of Tire Conditioner on an applicator was all it took to get the rubber looking like new again. After applying the conditioner to the entire surface all the dryness, fading, and unevenness were gone. This is exactly the type of result you look for in a good tire protectant.

3. Wipe

Conditioned TireI’ve found that many people don’t think about this, but skipping this step can lead to a lot of frustration as soon as the side of your car is covered in tire goo.

It’s always best to use a tire conditioner (not a tire dressing) which is formulated to prevent tire sling. But even then, if you leave excess product on the surface it can get flung onto your paintwork. Once you wipe down the tire you can eliminate any excess product, while adjusting how much of a sheen you’d like on your tires.

And just like that you’ve got healthy tires that look like new. Let us know if you have any questions down below. Or just tell us about your most recent foray into the world of tire care!