How To Detail A Hypercar

Orange McLaren Doors Open

It’s no coincidence that all the hype in the car enthusiast community these days is centered around the hypercar. I mean, it’s in the name. You’ll hear bloggers rant about how idiotic the name of a new Porsche is, or see Top Gear taking a McLaren to an off-road course only to test how much water can fit inside, but what you don’t find is anyone discussing detailing these beasts. I wondered why…

Detailing is detailing

You may think hypercars are special, but when it comes down to it, all cars need love. The same love. You must protect hypercars, just like you must protect that old minivan your grandmother bought you in high school. You have got to clean the rims, condition the tires, and condition soft surfaces. There are no exceptions for the process used when it comes to the type of vehicle you’re detailing and that’s that.

You should use better detailing products

Simple: don’t use poorly manufactured products to clean an expensive car. Now, I don’t like cheap products for a number of reasons and I wouldn’t use any on that minivan I mentioned before, but a lot of people do. Problem is, most wildly inexpensive car care products don’t last long, they’re overly caustic, and they’re just terrible to use. You buy quality, you get quality—that’s just the way it works. Take it from someone who has tested countless detailing products, give your car the best and it will look its best.

Consider clear bra and protect it

With cars this expensive, every rockchip is excruciatingly expensive. Some special paints can’t be buffed or polished, so preventative care is a major priority. Since these cars are often found on the highway or the track (and not going 30 MPH), one way to fight this that most street cars don’t need to rely on is clear bra. You can cover highly problematic areas such as behind wheel arches, bumpers and front spoilers to keep road debris off of your finish. Now you still have to clean and protect your car’s clear bra to keep it clear and cloud-free.

Really that’s it. There’s not much more precaution you need to take with a hypercar, especially if you consider the fact that all cars should be cared for properly. Wash regularly, protect often, and take care of messes before they become a burden. Keep good products handy and you’ll be set and your car will be looking great.

What would be your favorite hypercar to detail? Let us know in the comments?

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