Welcome To The New Behind The Detail!

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Welcome back! We apologize for shutting down our site temporarily while we were preparing for the relaunch of Behind the Detail, but I think you’ll find the changes have been worth the downtime. We’ve revamped our blog so that it’s more user-friendly and you can find the content you’re looking for easier. Feel free to take a look around and check out some of the new features; there’s a lot to explore!

For starters, you’ll see we’ve introduced a new feature in the righthand column where we’ll introduce a new desktop wallpaper each week featuring photography from our own gifted staff. And you can find more large, high resolution images, along with instructional videos in our new Media section up in the top navigation.

We’ve also introduced several new ways to get in touch with us including a new “Ask the Doctor” feature where you can ask us any detailing technique or product question that may be on your mind. We’ll submit your questions to our Certified Detailers here at Dr. Beasley’s, and you’ll get the expert advice you were looking for. (And we may just turn it into a blog post!)

We’ve also made it easier than ever to sign up for our newsletters and RSS feeds so you can always keep up with our latest articles and updates.

So again – welcome, explore, enjoy, and let us know what you think! We’ve got a lot of exciting new things coming down the pipeline so stay tuned!