The Chalkboard Car: A Work Of Art

Chalkboard Car Driving

Photo: Gizmodo

Thinking of a way to make your old car stand out? We came across an interesting article the other day that featured a car that was recently painted in chalkboard paint. So this got us thinking – how exactly would you care for this kind of car?

The short answer is that we have no idea. My first thought is that I’d be tempted to use our matte paint products on the surface, since chalkboard paint has a similar look to matte car paint. It sure would be fun to paint a panel in the stuff and do some durability/product testing on it, though. Maybe that’s a project we’ll get into down the road….

The chalk, of course, will come off with water – so after it rains, the car should be clear and ready for the next round of artwork. And from the looks of it there’s plenty of artwork to go around. The photo above is of Neil Prasad’s 1990 BMW 325i. He completely renovated the car, inside and out, and uses a chalkboard tinted color as paint. Check out the link above and you can read all about the process from start to finish. Pretty Awesome. Also, he gets bonus points for hanging a bucket of chalk on the tow-eye.

Have you ever seen one of these chalkboard cars on the road? Be sure to tell us about it in the comments!

Photo: Neil Prasad