The Detail: Tailgating


Whether you’re a sports fan, a regular concert goer, or whatever other reason there might be, tailgating is a part of the American culture.  Heading out early to hang out in a parking lot with your friends is almost as fun (if not more) than the actual event.  There’s food, games, drinks, and tons of people; what’s not to like? One question remains, who’s car do we take?

Let’s Check Out The Situation:

Pulling into the parking lot at Chicago Bears’ Soldier Field with the cooler of drinks, bags of food, and the grill in the bed of your truck.  People are filling in around you.  You and your friends are excited and start cracking open the beers and the chips, one person’s got the grill while a few just stand around.

However, the stop-and-go traffic driving there has shaken up the cooler doing its dirty deed on your drinks. Although most are conscious of this concept, there’s always one person who doesn’t abide by the ‘3-tap rule’. He’s the one by the car that gets foam and beer on the paint and inside the door.

Your other friend has been snacking on chips and has ‘Doritos’ fingers and is fetching his hat inside the car putting his paws all over the seats.  And finally, the helpful guy, the grill master is doing his thing heating up the dogs and burgers, but doesn’t put down a paper plate to catch the grease.  You just have to live with this situation don’t you? WRONG!

Protecting Your Car BEFORE This Happens:

Cleaning up after the fact is not enough. In order to protect your car thoroughly, you’ll need to apply some protectant to the inside and outside of you vehicle before the tailgate begins.  This will not only provide a layer of protection, but it will also make cleaning up less of a headache.

You take care of your car so I’m sure you wash it often, but you do want to make sure you have a long lasting poly sealant protecting your paint. Poly sealants can last for up to a year so you don’t need to apply it every time you get your car washed.  Inside the car is another similar situation.  In order to protect from stains in your carpet or upholstery, make sure that when you get your car washed, you are cleaning the inside and applying a carpet and upholstery protectant. Now these protectants aren’t necessarily going to bead off stains and acids, so you’re going to have to do some cleaning.

Easy Ways To Be Proactive WHEN It Happens:

When you see your friend shooting the beer foam water gun around your car, be proactive.  There are interior and exterior cleaners that can remove fresh messes extremely easily.  Your car should also always have an easy exterior cleanser and a microfiber cloth with it at all times. This will allow with just a few swipes to remove the acid from the beer on the exterior of your car (note: do not clean with a paper towel, it’s far too rough).  Then trying to tackle that not so subtle grease pile in the bed of your car, you can always use a good degreaser.

Although this is cleaning during your relaxing tailgate with your friends, trust me, if you don’t want a headache of a mess to deal with in the morning, you’ll appreciate the fact that you did this.


Cruising Through The POST Tailgate Clean-Up:

Since you’ve been proactive in protecting your car, AND you doing some slight cleaning at the tailgate, your post tailgate clean up is a breeze.  Maybe some air freshener and wiping down some surfaces will be sufficient enough.

Enjoy that tailgate, protect your car, clean it a little right away, and your car will last and look great for a long time. We ALWAYS encourage the principle of being protective. So always find a way to protect yourself from the possibility so you don’t have to stress about the mess in the end.