How Rare are Matte Paint Cars?

If you’re on this site then you probably know at least a fair amount about cars. I’ll say that’s safe to assume.  However, this was an interesting article to write because I’m trying to decipher exactly how rare it is to own a matte car.  The article was intended to contain a lot of statistics and facts that have been researched out. Yet, there is NOTHING that I found on the web that contains the statistics in which I’m looking for. Perhaps that’s my answer…

So the absence of statistics is my answer.  There may not be enough matte cars in the world to spark the interest for an actual study and statistic. That’s impressive. So if you were wondering, “ Would I really stand out if I make the investment?” My answer is yes. Not only is my subjective reasoning for why it’s rare, a reason, there’s still a ton of questions on how to take car of matte cars. That itself shows its novelty.

Matte Car and the Wealthy

There are two names that I think of when I think of celebrities and Matte Cars.  Rob Dyrdek and Chad (Ochocinco) Johnson. I’m sure you have two others that come to mind, so leave some comments and start a discussion. Rob Dyrdek is arguably the pioneer of matte car enthusiasts.  He debuted his matte car on his show Rob & Big. The popular TV show got him and his car tons of recognition.  This started (in my opinion) the matte craze.

Chad Johnson, on the other hand, has recently been advertising his plethora of matte cars. He has everything from a Lamborghini Murcielago to a smart car in matte black paint. Although he came light years after Rob Dyrdek, he’s not too humble by any means to show off his collection of cars.

In the circles of society there is a vast skew in the popularity of matte cars. Among the wealthy, matte cars are far more prominent than the rest of the population. The difference is the maintenance of the cars. We’ve already debunked the myth of taking care of matte cars, but that secret may not be completely out yet. But wealthy people either have the resources to have someone else take care of their car.  So their ideology is out of the means of the most of us. Although taking care of matte paint isn’t the hard part, it’s the initial investment of the paint job. This is allowing matte paint to remain a ‘luxury item’…for the time being.

The Truth of the Matter

Although there may be this perception that owning something prestigious, or rare, is either expensive or difficult to maintain; that is not the case with matte paint.  The cost is one thing; you always pay for quality. But the care of matte paint is not hard; it doesn’t require a pit crew. Continually, matte paint is beginning to trickle down into more household names than Lamborghini, like Hyundai for example. They are beginning a line of cars with the option of matte paint.

So if you’re thinking of going matte, in my opinion, you’ll be considered unique and esteemed to own such a car, for now.  It’s a fun aspect to the car industry and it may very well not be so ‘unique’ in the future.

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