Prepping a Matte Car for The SEMA Show

Matte Black Mustang

In this day in age matte paint isn’t a secret. Chances are you’ve heard of it, or better yet seen it.  But getting a matte car ready for a show like SEMA? That’s merely just knowing the steps and being prepared. You can do it yourself in just a few steps.

Step 1: Before the Show 

Before your car gets to SEMA, make sure that your car is clean, protected, and ready.

As close to the show as you can, you’ll of course want to wash your matte car. Going over your car with matte body wash is the first step. Next, inspect that there are no stains on the paint or residue after the wash. If there is, use a matte paint cleanser. Otherwise, with your car still wet, apply the wax-free matte paint sealant.  This is going to protect your car moving forward and make it a lot easier to clean at the show.

Step 2: Pack for the Show

Here’s a list of what you’ll need at SEMA:

– Matte Paint Cleanser

-Matte Final Finish

– Microfiber Cloths

Step 3: Maintaining at the Show

When you’re at SEMA with a matte car you’re sure to drive a lot of traffic. This is going to bring people crowding around your car, touching it and leaving marks.  Your car is also going to be there for a few days, so whether you’re outside in the elements, or inside collecting dust, you’re going to need some touch up cleaner.

That’s where Matte Final Finish comes in handy. This spray and a microfiber cloth are going to remove the fingerprints people leave on your car as well as dust and other fresh elements that fall on your car.

Final Finish will work great for those of you who are stationed outside as well. It will clean up the same marks caused by people as well as fresh bird and insect droppings.  If your car gets bombed over night, you may need the Matte Paint Cleanser for a deeper clean.

Other Notes:

Be sure to clean your car windows and make your tires shine. Do this before the show and have product ready at the show for touch ups. You’ll thank me later when you realize how many people are touching your car and leaving residue.


Dr. Beasley’s will be at the SEMA Show if you do have any questions or concerns.  You’ll find us in the North Hall at Booth #12678

If you have a Matte Car headed to SEMA, contact Dr. Beasley’s for potential sponsorship for your car.